Who I am

I am Naruhina_94 on the Official Forum of Dragon Cave, but call me Hina, please.

I'm an italian player, forgive my grammar mistakes XD  I play Dragon Cave for 3 years, and I'm still hoping to get a Shimmer or a Prize dragon CB one day XD

You can pm me even just to talk, I have no problems with private messages.                                                        

My favourite telefilms are Game of Thrones, The Walking Dead, Teen Wolf, Grimm and Modern Family. I read a lot of fantasy books and follow some manga/anime, I really love japanese and northic culture.

I even like painting, writing, singing (but I'm NOT good at this one XD) and go to walk in mountains :)

What's Dragon Cave?

Image by XenomorphicDragon

Dragon Cave è un gioco online totalmente gratuito dove puoi collezionare diversi tipi di draghi prendendo le varie uova dalla Cave. All'inizio potrai tenere solo 4, ma man mano che accumulerai nuovi draghi sarai anche in grado di tenere più uova, fino ad un massimo di 7 quando raggiungi i 500 draghi nel tuo scroll. 

Alcuni draghi sono davvero molto rari e difficili da trovare, ma tu puoi accoppiare i draghi che già possiedi e cercare di scambiare le uova ottenute con gli altri utenti.


Dragon Cave is a free game online where you can collect many Dragon species, taking their eggs from some Caves. At the beginning you will be able to take only 4 eggs, but when you'll reach new records on your scroll (50-200-500 dragons) you will be able to keep until 7 eggs. Some dragon are really rare and difficult to find, but you can breed the ones that you already have and try to exchange them with other users.